NewlyWed Sana Gul, 17, Shot Dead by French-National Husband, Anees, for Pursuing Education

Sana Gul, 17, a 11th grade bright student, got married three months ago with a dual national, French citizenship holder, Anees, a resident of Kanju a village in Sawat, KPK.

Sana Gul, who has passed 11th grade and secured good marks, was admitted to a private college by her father to fulfill her wish to gain further education.

Her husband and in-laws did not approve of the fact and were against her for wanting to get further education. But she insisted to continue her education and her father had paid the fee in a private institute for her 12th grade.

Differences increased between the couple, on Saturday, Anees locked her in room, opened fire on her and shot her dead. After killing her he escaped from a window on Saturday 14, September who is confirmed to return France this Sunday.

Anees went missing after crime, it is reported that he had booked his ticket for France earlier and killed his wife before boarding.

Police said that the accused Anees, a resident of Kanju and French citizenship holder, came to Pakistan three months ago and married Sana Gul, who was a second year student.

Police officer of Kanju Police station, confirmed that the murderer Anees is a French citizenship holder and is confirmed to return to France. According to him, the airports have been informed and will arrest the accused if and when he appears.

People on social media are demanding arrest of Anees and asking the authorities to alert all the airports. The culprit must not escape the country and must face the justice.