Mysterious Death of Mum, Sharmila, Decaying Body Recovered from Refrigerator, Husband Missing

Sharmila’s decaying body was recovered from the refrigerator of her flat in The Hague, Netherlands on May 18, 2019, weeks after she moved there with her children to join her husband Avdhut Shinde.

Her husband has been missing since May 18, after he dropped off his and Sharmila’s children at his father’s house. Sources said that before leaving, he had allegedly told his dad, “Please take care of these children… I am going…I may not come back.”

Sources at the Dindoshi police have learnt from Madhukar that Sharmila’s dead body was recovered from a refrigerator at their rented accommodation in the Netherlands.

Sources said between May 18 and 21, Madhukar had contacted Sharmila’s parents to enquire about the couple’s whereabouts. Later, he contacted Avdhut’s friends in the Hague.

Following that, the friends, along with the help of Dutch cops, reached their flat and discovered Sharmila’s body. Madhukar refused to divulge any details when mid-day contacted him.

However, the Dutch cops are yet to confirm where exactly the body was found. They told mid-day, “We do not share any details that we need to confront [the prime suspect] in the interrogation.”

Sharmila’s brother Shashidhar Shetty said her body was wrapped in a piece of cloth when it was brought to Mumbai. He added, “The body was stiff. We were categorically told by the Dutch cops not to wait any longer to conduct her last rites as her body was in a decomposed condition.”

Sharmila was planning on divorcing Avdhut because of his overly suspicious, possessive and abusive behaviour. She had also filed a non-cognisable complaint against him on January 31, months after he had left her with bruises during a heated argument.

The prime suspect Avdhut Shinde, the man who is missing ever since the mysterious death of his wife Sharmila in the Netherlands, doesn’t cease to amuse the couple’s acquaintances. He apparently had booked return ticket to the Hague.

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