Muslim women Took Twitter, Call for an end to shaming over periods in Ramadan

Some Muslim women are calling out people within their community for making them feel ashamed when their periods fall during Ramadan, pressuring them to pretend to pray with the rest of their family or eat and drink in private. Women on their periods are among a small group of Muslims exempt from fasting but make up the missed days after the holy month.

They left following tweets,

Do y’all care if the male relatives in your fam know if your on ur period like brothers/fathers, etc?

If you’re unwell you don’t need to fast. Same for children and pregnant women and women on their period. For people on their period you can “make up” however many days you didn’t fast at any period before the next Ramadan starts.

damn it’s so sad we become brainwashed into thinking we should be so ashamed of our periods we have to fake pray.

Muslim women shouldn’t have to hide when we’re not fasting bc we have our periods during Ramadan. We shouldn’t be shamed for eating in public. We have to pay in those days afterwards anyway.

i swear if it was guys getting periods they wouldn’t ban eating in public during Ramadan.

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