Mum and Daughter Were Killed While One Phone Call To Police ‘failed beyond imagination’

A mother and daughter who were murdered while they were on the phone to police were failed “beyond imagination”, their family have said.

Mum and Daughter Were Killed While One Phone Call To Police ‘failed beyond imagination’
Mum and Daughter Were Killed While One Phone Call To Police ‘failed beyond imagination’

Raneem Oudeh, 22, was killed by her estranged partner outside her mother’s home in Northdown Road, Solihull, shortly after midnight on August 27 2018.

At Birmingham coroner’s court, an inquest into their deaths concluded on Friday that officers had breached the force’s domestic abuse policy on a number of occasions.

The jury found that “officers failed to carry out effective investigations into potential offences” committed by Tarin, and “failed to take sufficient steps to safeguard Raneem”.A war on women is raging in the UK – the femicide statistics prove it | Julie BindelRead more

Tarin previously admitted the double murder and was jailed for life with a minimum of 32 years in December 2018.

Saleem’s sister, Nour Norris, said she had struggled to contain her anger when the 999 calls made by her niece were played out in court.

“[Raneem] told them everything they needed to hear to arrest him from the first call. She told them about the abuse and how he

threatened to take her life,” she told the Guardian.

“The level of failure was appalling. There was so much evidence, but he wasn’t arrested even once, he wasn’t questioned even once. If the issue was addressed early enough, maybe Raneem and Khaola would be with us today.”

The IOPC said that between July 2017 and August 2018, WMP responded to 10 domestic abuse incidents linked to the case.

The watchdog concluded that officers failed to make proper intelligence checks when completing domestic abuse risk assessments, and did not arrest Tarin despite him being suspected of two assaults on Ms Oudeh.

On the night they died, Ms Oudeh called WMP four times reporting that she and her mother had been assaulted by Tarin at a shisha bar, and registering concerns for her safety.

“Our investigation found that satisfactory intelligence checks were not carried out when responding to incidents involving Raneem and her ex-partner.

“It was our view that WMP dealt with each incident in isolation and did not consider the cumulative effect and potential increase in the frequency or level of violence.”.

The jury also concluded that officers who dealt with some of the incidents had insufficient training and understanding of force domestic abuse policies.