MP Naz Shah writes Letter to PM Imran Khan, Seeks Justice for Samia Shahid

Labour Party parliamentarian from Bradford West Naz Shah MP has written to prime minister Imran Khan urging him to intervene in the honour killing case of British Pakistani Samia Shahid who was killed by her parents and former husband in 2016.

Samia, originally from Bradford, was killed by her father and former husband, in Jhelum, for divorcing her first husband, who was her cousin, and married a man of her choice named Syed Mukhtar Kazim.

Her first husband, Chaudhry Mohammad Shakeel, has been freed on bail due to a lack of progress in the trial and he denies her murder but the Bradford West MP wants Prime Minister Imran Khan to intervene and make sure “that the state is prosecuting and taking real care of what they are doing.”

She wrote, “This week I have been informed that despite being charged with murder on the basis of clear evidence, the accused has been granted bail having spent two years in custody. I am deeply concerned and am struggling to understand why the state has not taken the lead in this case to pursue justice, and, alarmingly why the onus is on the victim’s family to pursue justice and pay for the

prosecution team.”

“The fact that he has been released on bail does really raise my concerns. I’m really worried about the state of the case, that this case will be forgotten and that any further delay in proceedings risks justice not being served for Samia and her family.

Samia Shahid’s Father and former husband were accused in her murder, both were release on bail, her father has passed away.

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