Mohammad Qoraishi, 27, who killed wife Parwin Quriashi, 19, Jailed for life in Maidstone

Mohammad Qoraishi, 27, who murdered his teenage wife in Maidstone has been sentenced to more than 16 years in prison. Mohammed Qoraishi admitted killing Parwin Parwin Quriashi on Christmas Day last year. Harry Peet joined us earlier at Maidstone Crown Court, where he was sentenced.

Mohammad Qoraishi, 27, who had earlier admitted murder, was jailed for life to serve at least 16 years.

Judge David Griffith-Jones said he inflicted “a catalogue” of injuries, from which she “inevitably” died.

Maidstone Crown Court heard Qoraishi hit her over the head with a frying pan and launching a fatal and “frenzied” attack with a kitchen knife.

The cousins had an arranged marriage in August 2018.

Qoraishi, from Hull, only moved in with his wife in Kentish Court, London Road, five days before he killed her at 14:35 GMT.

A pathologist found at least 38 of her stab wounds were potentially fatal.

After the attack Qoraishi headed to Dover in an attempt to flee the country.

However, no ferries were operating on Christmas Day, the court heard.

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras picked up his Audi A3, and he was arrested nearby

Det Ch Insp Ivan Beasley said: “This was an unprovoked and savage attack on a defenceless young woman.

“It is only right that he will now spend a considerable time in prison for this brutal crime.”