MIRACLE of Allah, Girl Buried for 18 Hours Under Snow after Avalanche in Neelum, AJK, Found Alive

A 12-year-old girl, Samina Bibi, was found alive on Wednesday after being buried for 18 hours when an avalanche in Azad Kashmir engulfed the family house.

MIRACLE of Allah, Girl Buried Under Azad Kashmir Avalanche for 18 Hours Found Alive

MIRACLE of Allah, Girl Buried Under Azad Kashmir Avalanche for 18 Hours Found Alive

Samina Bibi was found trapped in a room of a house in Azad Jammu and Kashmir’s Neelum Valley covered in snow, she kept screaming and shouting for help as she lay still under the snow for several hours. She was shifted to a shelter home after receiving the due medical attention in a hospital in Muzaffarabad.

For Samina’s mother, Shahnaz Bibi, who lost a son and another daughter, the rescue was nothing short of a miracle.

After being pulled out of the snow earlier, Shahnaz said she and her brother, Irshad Ahmad, had given up hope of finding Samina alive.

Samina said she could not sleep while she waited to be rescued. Her leg was fractured and blood was oozing from her mouth.

The Neelum Valley has been hit by avalanches and landslides in recent days killing at least 77 people.

Rescuers have been racing against time to reach scores of people believed still to be trapped inside their homes, buried under avalanches triggered by heavy


The worst affected area was Kashmir’s Neelum Valley, where the 21 bodies were retrieved, said Ahmad Raza Qadri, a minister for disaster management.

He said that since Sunday, 76 people have been killed in Azad Kashmir Kashmir in weather-related incidents.

The National Disaster Management Authority said the total number of deaths in snow-hit areas over the last couple of days had jumped to 100.

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