Medical Studen, Sabrina, 20, Stabbed to death by her Dad, who Ashed her, ‘If she had a Boyfriend’

Sabrina, 20, was found dead in the front seat of her Mercedes-Benz sedan car seat just a few meters away from her family home in Kidman Park, Adelaide at around 11:30 pm on July 21.

Her father, 49-year-old Petrit Lekaj, was also found beside her with a stab wound. Officers reportedly had to smash the vehicle’s window to drag the father out of the car, who had a serious abdominal injury.

South Australian police took him to a hospital where he remained under police guard after being charged with his daughter’s murder.

An argument ensued and the young woman was stabbed to death by her father. He then turned the knife on himself, stabbing himself multiple times in the stomach and causing himself serious abdominal injuries.

Sabrina, hours before the incident, had complained to her friends about her father being “controlling,” which included him forbidding her to have a boyfriend.

“Her dad would ask her all the time if she had a boyfriend and it really left her feeling like she couldn’t do anything without running it past them. It was very stressful for her having them on her back about everything, she told me she wanted to move out of home.” told her friend.

Romina Lekaj – Sabrina’s mother and Petrit’s wife – broke her silence after court. She claimed her husband wasn’t an ‘evil person’ and ‘never showed any violence’

Mrs Lekaj said she remained confused by exactly what had happened in the lead up to her daughter’s death.

The 49-year-old was later remanded in custody and held in James Nash House, Adelaide’s secure mental health facility. Lekaj, was remanded in ongoing custody and will next appear in the Supreme Court on November 25.