Man from Mirpur Caught at Airport, Smuggling 1.5 KG of Gold Hidden in Iron

Customs officials on Saturday foiled an attempt to smuggle gold to England at Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore.

Arbab Shahzad traveling from Islamabad airport to United Kingdom, arrested by airport security force for trying to smuggle gold to Manchester United Kingdom.

Arbab Shahzad was boarding to EK 613 Fligt bound to Manchester from Islamabad Airport when Security Forces checked his luggage and found an Iron in his luggage.

When iron was opened security forces found 1.5 KG Gold Jewelry stuff inside it.

The 1.5 KG gold, worth million rupees, has been taken into custody and a case has been registered against the accused criminal for further investigation.

This is not a new incident for the ASF as multiple bids to smuggle commodities and drugs have been stopped by the security officials before.

In a similar incident, the ASF arrested a man who was trying to smuggle 1kg of heroin from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia.

Previously, the ASF had recovered 786 grams of ice heroin from a Mardan’s resident last

month, who was also traveling to Saudi Arabia.

The ASF has captured many criminals in the current year that were trying to smuggle illegal items to foreign countries and import the commodities illegally to Pakistan.

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