Man, 57, Convicted, Fitted Tracking Device and Microphone to his Ex-Partners Car in Birmingham

Kulwinder Singh pleaded guilty to harassment after Birmingham Crown Court heard how the 57-year-old obsessively started following his former lover.

The victim broke off their relationship two years ago, after Singh from Ladywood talked of installing cameras in their home.

After she dumped him, he told his ex that he would ‘check out anyone she went out with to make sure he was good enough for her’, a court heard.

Planting a GPS tracker and microphone to her car, Singh followed the victim to an Ikea in Wednesbury and screamed: ‘She ruined my life so I will ruin hers!’

Shockingly, he confessed to the victim later on the telephone

how he knew she would be there because he had fitted the tracking device to her vehicle.

The 57-year-old also contacted his former partner’s relatives in India, and allegedly threatened to kill any man with whom she went out.

Singh had also made photocopies of her driving licence and passport.

Today at Birmingham Crown Court, Singh admitted harassing his former partner.

He was given a deferred sentence, as the judge said he would not go to prison provided he left her alone for the next four months.