Man, 22, Jailed for 6 Years, Attacked Girlfriend, Mum-of-2, Break her Jaw, Unable to Smile, in Eldene

Ricky Wilding, 22, of Leighton Avenue, Park Sout, who stamped on his girlfriend’s head as her child cowered nearby was described as a serious risk to women in Eldene has been sentenced to six years and eight months.

Wilding who ran BarbeRicks mobile hairdresser in Swindon, had already fathered one child and had another on the way had joined his then girlfriend, her son and sister as they walked home on Kennedy Drive, Eldene, on July 15.

He had demanded to see her phone, scrolling through messages. As they got to the house, his girlfriend had attempted to pull shut the door chain to prevent Wilding from getting inside.

Before she could close it, he smashed the door and turned violent, grabbed the woman by the throat, threw her onto a sofa and spat in her face, before kicking her in the thigh.

He beat her violently to the extent that she lost consciousness, he grabbed her arm, threw her against the wall and dragged her by the hair.

He repeatedly hit her head against a television stand before stamping on her face while she lay unconscious on the floor. Her jaw was broken in two places and he had partially broken one of the vertebrae in her neck. She is now unable to smile without pain.

Wilding was sentenced to six years and eight months imprisonment for the GWH offence, with three months for common assault, 12 months for dangerous driving, one for using violence to secure entry to a property, four months each for four breaches of a restraining order and two months for battery on his former girlfriend. All sentences will be served concurrently. He had pleaded guilty to all counts.

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