Majid Butt, 51, who Killed his Mum, Onees Khatoon, 71, Jailed for Life in London

Majid Butt, 51, pleaded guilty to murdering 71-year-old Onees Khatoon at the house they shared in Hayes, west London, on May 13 and today he was jailed for Life for his crime.

Butt strangled Onees Khatoon with electrical cable, which he was still carrying when he walked into his local police station in Hayes and told officers: “I came here to confess that I have strangled my mother.”

The Old Bailey heard he walked into the local police station just half-an-hour after killing her with electrical cable, telling officers: “I came here to confess that I have strangled my mother.”

Butt claimed he acted in a “moment of madness” after his mother, who suffered from diabetes and heart problems, threatened to throw him out of the family home.

Butt had lived with his mother for a total of 41 years and was invited back into her house in October last year, having been asked to leave after the death of his father in 2009.

Butt had previously been a loving and caring son, who had made his mother breakfast and massaged her legs when they were swollen.

Butt wrote a letter from his cell in Belmarsh prison:

“None of my family should have to

go through such trauma caused by my moment of madness,” he said in the note read out in court.

“I accept for my crime I deserve to be punished. It is my family who are now being punished and suffering for my shameful behaviour.

“I sincerely hope and pray they can forgive me. I’m truly sorry for my actions.”

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