Landlord Shahin, 43, Shocked, by Trashed Left by ‘Tenant’ in Erdington, Birmingham

Landlord Shahin Miah, 43, has been left with a huge clean-up bill exceeding £2,000 after the woman who had been living in the house for five years with her four children, vacated his property.

He had been trying and failing to access and check the property in Erdington, Birmingham, for months but after forcing entry, was shocked by piles of rubbish at his property.

Mr Miah kept demanding entry to the house but at one point his tenant called the police who informed him it was a matter for the courts.

At the end of August the tenant told Mr Miah she was leaving and she finally left on Sunday – with no forwarding address. He was then met with this mess.

The three-bedroom house, which was rented out at £590 a month, was infested with damp, peeling wallpaper, mould, dirt and stuffed with discarded toys, bin bags and other household rubbish.

Landlord told, he lives on the same road, said everything was initially fine between himself and his tenant who he described as a ‘smart woman’, before problems began around 12 months ago.

He will now have to shell out £2,000 just to clear the property out and countless thousands as he replasters, rebuilds, redecorates and refurbishes the home.

Mr Miah said, if she was human, she wouldn’t have done that.’, He says he was sick on the driveway, and has now raised concerns for the welfare of the children who lived there.