Khalid Mir, 41, jailed over 70mph Alum Rock Road police chase

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Khalid Mir, 41, of Craddock Road, Saltley, was previously locked up for threatening to ‘assault’ airline passenger on flight from Dubai is now jailed over 70mph Alum Rock Road police chase.

He was previously jailed for seven months in 2017 after he spat at cabin crew and threatened to ‘Assault’ a fellow passenger on an Emirates flight from Dubai to Birmingham.

After that incident, he admitted being drunk on the Emirates aircraft and failing to obey a command by the captain.

He sped through residential streets in Birmingham and only stopped when he crashed after trying to squeeze through a non-existent gap.

officers stopped a Vauxhall he was driving after it was linked to a drugs marker.

He told them he owned the vehicle and had a licence but then sped off.

During the pursuit Mir occasionally braked heavily and went the wrong side of a keep left bollard.

Faye Edwards, prosecuting, said it was dark, there were damp and rainy conditions and he turned the lights off at one point.

His speed went up to 50mph and officers saw something being thrown from the driver’s side of the vehicle.

Mir then reach 70 mph before going into Alum Rock Road, which was busy with other vehicles and pedestrians.

He was locked up for 12 months and banned from the roads for two-and-half-years.

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