Kate makes superb remarks on Pakistan in an interview to CNN

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has termed her five-day visit to Pakistan with Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, as ‘fantastic’ and ‘really special’ while being interviewed by a foreign news channel in Lahore.

She was interviewed by CNN during the royal couple’s visit to SOS Children’s Village, which provides shelter to 150 orphaned children besides helping kids develop into happy, confident and resilient adults. Middleton told CNN that the couple had seen a lot of the country during their stay in Pakistan.

When questioned for her remarks for the entire visit, Middleton said it “fantastic”.

“William and I really wanted to come and see an SOS Children’s Village like this,” Kate continued. “There’s so many vulnerable women here but they’ve really used their positivity and the support that the Village here provides them … to support and protect the next generation of children in their care and give them the best possible start to their future lives.”

The duchess said, “It was amazing seeing some of the geography yesterday, but then to see some of the community activities today has been really special,”

Kate Middleton delivered her first speech during the royal visit to Pakistan at the charity and her speaking Urdu was not only endearing but won hearts. The royal couple was visiting SOS Village in Lahore. She said it’s inspiring to see the NGO transforming the lives of so many young children.