Jemima Criticised Ex-Husband Imran Khan By Quoting Quran for ‘Vulgarity’

Jemima Goldsmith today quoted the Koran as she criticised her ex-husband Imran Khan after the Pakistani Prime Minister blamed how women dress for a rise in abuse cases.      

Jemima Criticised Ex-Husband Imran Khan By Quoting Quran for 'Vulgarity'
Jemima Criticised Ex-Husband Imran Khan By Quoting Quran for ‘Vulgarity’

PM Imran Khan made the remark during a question and answer session with the public on Sunday, when a caller asked what the government is doing about rising in violence particularly against children.

Khan hit out at what he called ‘vulgarity’ in societies around the world – singling out India’s Bollywood and the ‘drugs and rock and roll’ culture of England in the 70s as examples – saying that is to blame for moral decline which leads to attacks.

He then praised the Islamic concept of purdah – or modesty – as an antidote to that decline, saying it is important to ‘keep temptation in check’. 

His socialite ex-wife Ms Goldsmith took to Twitter to hit back at the comments, quoting the Koran and adding: ‘The onus is on men.’

Referring to the religious text, she said: ‘Say to the believing men that they restrain their eyes and guard their parts.’ 

Twice-divorced Khan, one of the best cricketers of all time, was no stranger to scantily-clad women as he partied in VIP nightclubs during his bachelor life in London. 

The English public schoolboy famously dated fashion guru Susannah Constantine before marrying

glamorous socialite Ms Goldsmith in 1995.

The pair had two sons before their split nine years later, which was in part attributed to the difficulties she faced in Pakistan where she was hounded for her family’s Jewish ancestry. 

Khan’s second marriage ended after nine months in 2015, following a whirlwind romance with former BBC newsreader Reham Khan. 

She had been widely criticised after appearing at public meetings of Khan’s PTI party, with opponents accusing her of seeking to boost her own profile through her husband’s fame.   

His current wife and the First Lady, Bushra Wattoo, was married in a conservative ceremony in Pakistan in 2018, which saw her face totally shrouded in line with Islamic orthodoxy. 

Pointing to his playboy past, Khan said that ‘drugs and rock n roll culture’ in the UK had led to a 70 per cent rise in divorce rates due to ‘vulgarity’.

He also singled out India’s Bollywood, saying Delhi had become ‘a abuse capital of the world’ due to indecency and ‘obscenity’ shown in films.

He added that abuse is ‘spreading like a cancer’ within Pakistani society and that preserving the Islamic concept of modesty should be used as a defence.

‘Our family system is intact and we can fix our justice system and the institutions but if our family system breaks down, we will not be able to rebuild it,’ he said.