Jailed Nawaz Sharif’s Conversations To Be Monitored in his Cell

The personal doctor of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif Dr Adnan will visit him in Kot Lakhpat jail today.

The doctor will conduct his medical check-up. Dr Adnan will also suggest several tests for Nawaz Sharif to update his health index.

The jail personnel will also be present while the doctor will examine Nawaz Sharif.

Media reports said that the conversation between the former prime minister and his doctor will also be monitored.

Nawaz Sharif has reportedly fallen sick in the jail. The Sharif family is worried for his health as they are not satisfied with the medical facilities being provided to him at the jail.

Nawaz Sharif is said to be having pain in his arm but the jail personnel had refused to let him his personal doctor.

According to reports, Dr Adnan kept waiting at Kot Lakhpat Jail but he was not allowed to meet his patient, Nawaz Sharif. Govt. Doctors

check Nawaz Sharif and said that the arm pain is a symptom of cardiac problem, the jail authorities asked him to try meeting Nawaz on Monday.

On other side, PMLN leaders said, if anything happens to Nawaz Sharif, PTI Govt. and Jail authorities will be held responsible.

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