Ismail Arshid, 19, Fled to UK After killing 3 People in Band Road Mirpur Car Accident

An over speed car killed 3 people on Band Road, Mirpur. The young driver of the car, a British national, fled the scene after the accident.

Ismail Arshid, 19, Fled to UK After killing 3 People in Band Road Mirpur Car Accident

The injured people including Vice president Chamber of Commerce Mirpur, Malik Azhar and two Afghan nationals were shifted to DHQ Hospital Mirpur but succumbed to their injuries and died in hospital.

According to details a young driver was driving his vehicle on Band Road in Mirpur, due to over speed, driver lost control of and collided with a motorcyclist and another vehicle.

A large crowd of people gathered and shifted the injured to hospital. Over speeding driver who is identified as Ismail Arshid a British national escaped from the scene and in same night fled to Dubai and then to his home in Bradford.

President Chamber of Commerce Mirpur held a press conference and alleged that due to negligence of doctors

Malik Azhar lost his life and due to poor performance of police the accused escaped.

In the press conference it was said that Malik Azahar was reported out of danger by hospital staff but his internal injuries and bleeding were ignored and not treated, which resulted his death.

President Chamber of Commerce Mirpur alleged due to poor investigation by police and not taking timely action, the accused driver who was also being treated in hospital managed to fled.

Police added the names of accused in blacklist after 8 hours but same night 19 years old driver Ismail Arshid along with his other family members flew to Dubai from Islamabad airport and from Dubai they family traveled to Bradford UK.

The rent car businesses were also alleged for renting out their vehicles without proper documentation.

It is hard to bring criminals from UK to Pakistan, just two weeks ago another British national who injured to children with his car fled Pakistan without any problem.