Imtiaz Khoda, 46, who Stole £9 million is Given 10 Years Extra Jail, After Failed to Pay Back the Money

Imtiaz Khoda, 46 and from Dubai, conned the Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trusts out of nearly £1.3 million when he promised to build a mental health unit at Lincoln St George’s Hospital.

He was initially jailed for four years and six months in June 2017 after he admitted conspiracy to launder money at Leicester Crown Court in October 2016.

Khoda was handed down the biggest confiscation order of its kind to the tune of £4,024,809.38.

Khoda only paid back £212,217 after three months and Birmingham Magistrates’ Court found what it called a willful refusal by the defendant to engage in the process.

He was given three months to pay the available amount of £4,024,809.38 and was sentenced to a term of nearly 10 years’ imprisonment if he defaulted.

In August 19 this year, Khoda applied to the crown court to have his time to pay the confiscation order extended.

The application was rejected on the grounds he had not made all reasonable efforts to pay the order. Only £212,217 had been paid towards the order; a warrant committing Khoda to prison for nine years, eight months was issued to take account of the sum already paid.

Neil Hollingsworth, a financial investigator in the Economic Crime Unit, Lincolnshire Police, said: “We will continue to ensure fraudsters do not benefit from their criminal activity.

“Fraud investigations are inherently long and complex to investigate and the Proceeds of Crime Act allows any benefit obtained from a criminal lifestyle to be recovered.”