Illegal Immigrant, Wanted in Germany, Abused Girl, 20, Three Times in Leicester, Jailed for 17 Year, to be Deported

Gurpal Singh Gill, 33, an illegal immigrant, was wanted in Germany on a European arrest warrant for alleged attacks on females in 2014, abused a 20 years old, lone dog walker to a horrific attack in a park has been locked up for 17 years.

The brutal attack happened in the area to the east side of the River Soar, between the A563 Watermead Way and Bath Street, at just after 6.30pm on Thursday May 23 when Gill tried to speak to victim who was wearing her headphones and listening to music, while walking her dog.

She initially thought he was asking for directions, he asked her for a hug and grabbed her, then pulled her back into a bushy wooded area and restrained her by putting his hand over her mouth.

Victim girl, surreptitiously dial 999 on her phone as the incident unfolded, for 14 minutes. He stopped, when a cyclist went past the bushes but passed without noticing them in bushes.

Gill then hold her hand and walked out of the bushes, took her into a secluded wooded area to continue assault. After assaulting her, he exchanged phone number with her, then they went their separate ways.

The police weren’t able to track exactly where her phone was, officers had scrambled to her home address and spoke to her mother who was understandably distressed to hear what had happened.

Gill fled to London and gave himself up to the police three days later, Gill was given a total sentence of 17 years and three months was told he was likely to be deported from the UK at the end of his sentence.

The custodial element was 11 years and three months – of which he was told he will have to serve two thirds – with an additional six year licence period.