Iftakhar Chaudhry, 51, Conned £100K from Shazia, 47, by False Marriage Promise, Ordered to Pay Back in Leeds

Chaudhry Iftakhar Akbar, 51, of Bingley, Bradford hailing from Mirpur Azad Kashmir, who conned thousands from a vulnerable woman after making false promise to marry her, is ordered to pay back ill-gotten cash at Leeds County Court.

Iftakhar Akbar Chaudhry, 51, of Bradford Conned £100K from Shazia Riaz, 47, of Manchester

Iftakhar Akbar Chaudhry, 51, of Bradford Conned £100K from Shazia Riaz, 47, of Manchester

Shaiza Riaz, 46, an immigration lawyer born and working in Manchester, who hails from Lahore, Pakistan, mum of two, told in court, she met Iftakhar Akbar also known as ‘Ifty’ on a dating website eHarmony in February 2015 where Akbar told her, he is a single dad and a company director.

The romantic relationship started between two and Mr Akbar promised to marry her after his son completed his GCSEs in 2018.

Ms Riaz said she was isolated from her community and looking for companionship. With the benefit of hindsight, she said he controlled the relationship by determining when they should meet or speak saying he was busy with work or with his children which at the time she didn’t question.

She herself had two children and her mother was not well so they did not meet daily but a lot of times she met him from Feb 2015 to Sept 2017.

She said their first meeting was in a café in Manchester and he then invited her to his house in Accrington for breakfast although he asked her to park at the back. She visited there several times, mostly in the evening.

She said he had told her he had a substantial debt to HMRC and a number of loans to friends which he was unable to repay. He sent emails and screenshots about his debts and said he couldn’t afford food. She said she felt bad and as they were a couple, she raised a loan on her property to pay him £65,480.67 between May 2015 and August 2016.

Ms Riaz claims, he took her money and put it down for deposit on his 475,000 house in Bingley with his current wife.

Among other payments she said she made was payments for a sacrifice of a black goats in Pakistan because he had told her that she had black magic on her.

She claims, she had to pay him £175 a week for black goats to be sacrificed for 8 weeks, which is £1400. Then he made her pay an extra £1200 as he lied saying he paid towards sacrificing goats by contributing £175 to the goats too by doing taxis.

She claims she also bought for him jewellery, watches a pen, cufflinks and a computer, diamond ring and a Macbook for her daughter worth a total of £3,355.80.

Ms Riaz claims, a Sikh convert woman whom Mr Akbar introduced to her as his sister, she also paid £700 for her husbands funeral.

Ms Riaz claims, Mr Akbar

told her, she’s Muslim convert and no one is paying for it so she her mates chipped in upto £700 for the funeral.

Mr Akbar, denied all the allegation against him and told the court, that the money given to him by Ms Riaz was a result of business dealings and that he was not having any romance relationship with her.

He claimed, the money was for her immigration business office as she wanted to open a office in Pakistan jointly with him. They agreed that they would fund the £50,000 to setup of the business jointly and the he would run the Pakistan office on a commission basis 10-20% to him on all the business from Pakistan.

Mr Akbar claimed, he funded the first £10,000 in June 2015 to open an office in Vehari District of Punjab. In September 2015 Ms Riaz
transferred £24,570 to his account for the Pakistan office was operational from June 2015 to May 2017 when it closed, and it cost him £17,000 to pay all the payments to close the office down in 2017.

Mr Akbar claimed he spent money on installation and fitting of a glass shop front and door, buy furniture, a generator, air conditioning and a fridge.

He said the running costs of the Pakistani office were £25,000 to £30,000 per year and that he paid one of employee 170,000 rupees per month (about £1133.00), who actually was uneducated and a farmer by profession.

Judge Gosnell said in his judgment: “I find as a fact that the defendant behaved as if he was in a romantic relationship with the claimant and later extract money from her.

Mr Akbar was ordered to pay back £67,122.47 that she lent him and also £37,500 on account for costs by December this year.

Ms Riaz said after the case: “Mr Akbar took advantage of my vulnerability, my kind and loving nature. Little did I know this man had a wife in Yorkshire and used my money to fund his lavish lifestyle. Had I not been with him I could’ve maybe had another child,

Ms Riaz claims, she broke the relation after she came to knew, Mr Akbar a native of Mirpur, is father of 4 kids and has married 4 times before, his 1st Died in Accrington 2 years ago and he has a boy from her.

He married second time to an English woman and has 2 children from that marriage a daughter and son.

Then he married 3rd time his first wife’s niece and had a boy from that marriage.

Mr Akbar then married 4th time in 2018 to a woman whom he met in 2014 while he was in a relationship with her too.

Ms Riaz told, ‘I urge women who are victims of fraud to come forward and report it, do not be ashamed of making the wrong choices, as you should not be the one that should be ashamed.’