Huddersfield Couple May Face ‘Death Penalty’ or ‘Life Imprisonment’, for Smuggling £2 Million Heroin

Mohammed Tahir Ayaz, 26, and his wife Ikra Hussain, 20, of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire could face the death penalty after allegedly attempting to smuggle £2m worth of drugs into the UK.

The couple were planning to fly from Sialkot airport in Pakistan via Dubai to the United Kingdom, when they were arrested on suspicion of smuggling £2 million of heroin, as they attempted to board the Emirates Airlines flight on Thursday.

Mohammed Tahir Nahim Ayaz, a British national, resident of Dewsbury, hailing from Bonga Ameersingh village of Tehsil Depalpur, District Okara, in Punjab, Pakistan, his wife Ikra Hussain is resident of Huddersfield.

Airport police found an estimated 25 kilograms of ‘fine quality heroin’ hidden in female clothes, split in different packets and divided across a number of garments.

Officials removed the bags containing the drugs and placed them into a blue carrier bag for weighing. The drugs were described by Pakistani authorities as ‘fine quality heroin’ and weight about, 24.274 Kilogram.

The couple allegedly told local security officials they were planning on smuggling the drugs from Pakistan to the UK. They were due to fly back to the UK via Dubai when they were arrested by Pakistani security forces.

Officials handed the couple over to the Anti Narcotics Force who are leading the investigation. The couple are facing the death penalty or life imprisonment if convicted of smuggling.

As per Pakistani Law, drugs recovered from 0.00 gram to 100 grams then section 9A applies, from 100 gram to 1000 grams (1 kilogram) then section 9B applies, if convicted under 9A and 9B, then sentence is up to 14 years behind bars.

If drugs recovered more than 1 Kilograms then sentence is life imprisonment and if drugs recovered more than 10 Kilograms then sentence is life imprisonment or death penalty.

A Foreign Office spokesperson said: ‘We are urgently seeking more information from the Pakistani authorities following reported arrests of a British couple.’