‘Home Wrecker’ Neha Rajpoot Set to Marry Shahbaz Taseer

Model turned actress Neha Rajpoot and businessman Shahbaz Taseer are all set to marry this weekend and once again Neha Rajpoot becomes ‘home wrecker’ as she’s set to marry Shahbaz Taseer.

‘Home Wrecker’ Neha Rajpoot Set to Marry Shahbaz Taseer
‘Home Wrecker’ Neha Rajpoot Set to Marry Shahbaz Taseer

Neha Rajpoot and Shahbaz Taseer are tying the knot this weekend. The wedding festivities of Neha Rajpoot and Shahbaz have begun with a Mayoon event being celebrated with close friends and family.

Donned in an orange shalwar kameez, Neha Rajpoot looked elegant and Taseer looked decent in plain shalwar kameez.

However, social media users were unhappy and started bashing the couple and declared Neha Rajpoot as a homewrecker. This is not the first time when the model has been called a homewrecker.

The model made headlines in 2019 on social media after Shahbaz Taseer’s ex-wife Maheen Ghani made accusations against Neha for being a ‘homewrecker’. The allegations against Neha were made after the ex-couple got divorced.

Maheen Ghani and Shahbaz Taseer separated their ways in 2019. The fashion designer remained supportive of his ex-husband when he was abducted. Reunited after 5 years, the couple welcomed their daughter

but due to irreconcilable differences, they announced their divorce.

Revealing some details in a Q&A session on Instagram, Ghani was questioned whether the reason for her divorce is Shahbaz and model Neha Rajpoot’s extramarital affair to which she replied:

” To each their own I guess and whatever makes them happy. Though I do hope that this trend of certain models with married men and vice versa changes. I am divorced now fortunately and wish them peace and healing.”

The stunning model turned actress, Neha Rajpoot responded about the accusations stressing on two sides of the story wishing the designer peace and love:

“Lol it’s easy to point out fingers at people who stay quiet, well there is always two sides to a story just because someone is quiet doesn’t mean they are wrong. I’m amazed at how whenever something comes up it’s so easy for people to put on at models calling them homewreckers and totally disregard housewives who when their husbands are away for long, they cheat left, right and centre and then blame the man for moving on. I rest my case here and I wish her peace and love.”