‘High-end’ Wolverhampton drug dealer caught with £200k and loaded gun

Aaron Chander, 26, has been sentenced to serve 17 years in jail after police officers stopped a £400,000 drug deal (cocaine) which took place in a car park of a pub in Wolverhampton.

When Chander was arrested, the police searched his home and found a loaded gun with ammunition and a silencer and £200,000 cash.

Undercover police and surveillance team had Chander on close watch. The 26-year-old was seen leaving his home in Oxley to meet up with Abda Saleh and Faraas Awwad who travelled from Liverpool and carried the drugs.

They came in an Audi vehicle and parked up at the Moreton Arms where Chander parked parallel to them in his VW Golf

Saleh and Faraas first made a stop at a local premier Inn to see if they were being followed but they failed to spot the National Crime Agency who were following their every move.

Detectives had 31 year old Saleh and 27 year old Faraas on watch as they left from Liverpool and had shadowed their every move.

When both men made contact with Chander at the Moreton Inn’s car park, officers cornered them as soon as one of the men got out of their vehicle to make contact with Chander.

CPS Paul Mitchell said, Officers searched the Audi and found a bag with seven kilo grams of cocaine with a purity of 95%.

He further said, the drugs had a value of around £400,000 but would be worth a lot more after cutting agents were added.

The police found an exact amount of £193,430 in Aaron Chander’s home, with £30,990 just lying on the table and rests was put in different areas in the house.

£193,430 cash and a handgun was found in Chander’s home.

A bag that was found by the police in Chanders bedroom contained a gun with a loaded magazine and a silencer with 13 rounds.

A further £6,400 worth of cocaine was also found after searching Chanders home.

Officers seized the mobiles of the trio and found a video of Chander wearing a mask in a room where

he was cutting the drugs into smaller packets to sell.

Chander and Saleh refused to give the passwords to their mobile phones but Faraas gave his.

Aaron Chander a university Graduate in Business Management, with no convictions claimed the drugs were not his and he was looking after it for someone else.

This claim was rejected by Judge Dean Kershaw who then told him: “You are a leading person within the drug world, a high-end player trusted by the people importing these drugs into this country.

“You had an enormous amount of money from ill gotten gains and serious weaponry. You are intelligent and put that intelligence to criminal use.”

Wolverhampton Crown Court Judge Dean Kershaw jailed Aaron Chander to 17 years and two months after he pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply cocaine and money laundering and possession of the gun.

Saleh and Faraas both of Liverpool pleaded guilty to their part in the drug conspiracy and were sentenced to seven years and five years and three months respectively.

Matthew McMillan, Organised Crime Partnership operations manager, said: ”Organised criminals are a threat to the public even when unarmed.

”But if they have access to guns they become a serious danger to members of the public. I have no doubt that this firearm would have been used to further Chander’s drug trafficking.

”Finding guns and removing them from the streets is a top priority for the National Crime Agency and the Metropolitan Police.”

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