Hermes Delivery Driver Dumped Farah-Abadi’s £80 order and Birthday Cake in a Dustbin in London

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Arianna Farah-Abadi, 26, had ordered a pair of jeans from online retailer I Saw It First and a bag from leather goods company Azurina.

She decided to work from her home in London on the day she was expecting the delivery but was puzzled when it never showed up.

The packages had been left by the Hermes driver in a rotten bin outside her neighbour’s house.

Arianna took to social media to complain to the delivery company.

In her Twitter post she shared the stomach-churning images of her packages dumped in the dirty bin on top of a black bag.

Another photo showed her package covered in brown sludge and crawling with maggots.

She wrote: ‘@TheAzurinaStore I ordered from yourself and @Hermesparcels left my parcel in a ‘safe place’.

‘I did not ask them to do this as I was in the house waiting for the doorbell to get the parcel.

‘The said ‘safe place’ was a bin (the neighbour’s bin not even my bin) picture attached.

‘This bin was riddled with maggots and had a dirty bin bag.

‘Maggots have got into the box, beautiful packaging and item.

‘Why Hermes think this is acceptable I don’t know.

‘This is appalling! Pictures show maggots in the bin and dirty bin bag.’

The contents of the two packages, which included a birthday present, were left ruined.

Hermes has since been in touch with Arianna to refund her purchase but she feels that this is not enough.

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