Helpless Mother Had To Chain Her ‘Affected’ 20 Years Old Daughter To Bed

A young woman from Amrtisar, whose distraught mother had to chain her to the bed to stop her from procuring and using her drug of choice.

According to the 50-year-old mother, her 20 years old daughter got addicted to drugs when she went for a job in a beauty parlour in Chandigarh, she was reportedly first given the drug by one of her PG-mates.

‘I used to live in Chandigarh in a PG and once when I was depressed, my roommates gave me the drug. Within two weeks I was addicted and doing it every day.’ daughter told.

Her mother chained her to a bed to prevent her from escaping and consuming more drugs. It is not clear which substance she is addicted to, but the most popular drug in the state is “chitta”–a synthetic version of the more expensive heroin.

The mother reportedly had sought help from various government de-addiction centres and even reached out to authorities, before finally resorting to a more extreme measure of chaining the daughter in the house.

Woman said, “I admitted my daughter to a government-run de-addiction centre three times, but they used to release her in 4-5 days. How can a drug addict be cured in 4-5 days? I even implored doctors to admit my daughter till she was cured, but to no avail.”

The woman claimed that it was only last week that her daughter had run away after returning from the de-addiction centre. “I found her with much difficulty and had no option but to tie her with a chain so that she may not flee again. I sleep near her so that none of her friends supplies her with drugs,” she said.