Hamaad Sultan, 21, who Killed a Man with Single Punch, Jailed for 4 Years in Bradford

Hamaad Sultan, 21, of Sunbridge Road, Bradford whose single punch led to the death of a father has been jailed for 4 years.

There had been ongoing insults between Joseph Mate, 35 and Sultan when he worked as a security guard at the flats in Summer Berry Residences in Sunbridge Road.

Hamaad Sultan was standing by reception talking to friends when Joseph Mate used a racial slur towards him. Sultan followed Mr Mate outside, before shouting “Oi, do you remember me?”.

Hamaad Sultan struck him with two blows, the first a right hook which knocked him unconscious, and the second was delivered as he was falling. Mr Mate hit his head against the concrete floor, causing catastrophic skull and brain injuries, and he died at Leeds General Infirmary on February 4.

Police was called but Sultan had left the scene and later next morning handed himself to police. Hamaad Sultan told during investigation it was a punch in anger and he did not intend to use so much force.

Court told Hammad Sultan, there had been some tension, words were used which may have upset you but you had sensibly ignored

in the past. This time your loss of temper caused death of man who leaves behind a son aged 10.

Hamaad Sultan who had no previous convictions was sentenced to four years at Bradford crown court.

Source: T&A

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