Governor House Opened for Public in Lahore, 25,000 People Visited So Far

Punjab Governor House on Sunday opened its doors as picnic for general public for one day in a week after PM Imran Khan announced to open official buildings for public use soon after taking charge.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is not living in lavish PM House and instructed his governors not to stay in Governor House to cut down on costs which is spend on these houses from public tax.

A large number of families gathered outside the Kashmir Road Gate to enter the Governor House after security checkup.

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar in a Tweet said: “Governor’s House in Lahore will be opened for public every Sunday (10 am – 6 pm). Our government is fulfilling promises made with the people of Pakistan.”

Any citizen, along with his family, can visit the Governor’s House by showing his Computerised National Identity Card (CNIC) at the main entrance.

Punjab Governor’s was originally constructed in 1851. In British Raj its area was expanded by acquiring surrounding land. During the British Raj, it was official residence of the British Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab. Currently it has an area of 71.5 acres.

It consists of lawns, lake,

hill, zoo, separate high schools for boys and girls, market, utility store, mosque, police line and residence colony for the employees.

It has a Prince Wing for heads of the state, president’s room, prime minister’s room, residences for military secretaries, governor’s secretariat, residences for president and prime minister’s staff.

Now this Governor House in Lahore will be used as a museum and art gallery, while a garden on the premises will be opened for public.

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