Girl Knocks Down Motorcyclist with Single Flying Kick who Assaulted her in Mirpur

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A young girl, Radio news caster in Mirpur, fights back a thug who Harassed her and followed her on Mirpur-Kotli Road, after she was on way to her home from job. Brave girl fought off and overpowered a man who allegedly attempted to assault her the on the road.

The girl who is employed at Radio Pakistan, in Mirpur, finished her job and started walking on footpath towards her home on Mirpur Kotli road, when a thug started following her on motorcycle.

Incident happened on Mirpur Kotli road, “motorcyclist stops a head of girl and when girl passes him, he tries to lure her, pass lewd remarks and then blocks her path and asks her to sit on his motorcycle.”

Victim girl ignores his advances and continue walking towards her home, but motorcyclist continues harassing her, by passing girl and stopping a a head of her.

After the man did not listen to her warning to back off and continued with his lewd behaviour. This time when man passed by her and stopped his motorcycle on road, girl hide behind a truck parked on main road.

When thug looked behind and found girl is missing, he came back, as he passed the truck, girl suddenly appeared behind truck and knocked him down with a single flying kick on his face.

Thug who was not expecting this kind of reaction from girl, sped off and never looked behind. Girl is praised for displaying rare bravery by dealing thugs in the way.

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