Girl, 5, Died of Asthma Attack after Doctor ‘Turned Mum Away For Being Late’

Ellie May Clark, a five year old girl has died of life-threatening asthma. Her mother Shanice Clark has accused the doctor of not attending her daughter because Shanice was five minutes late for her appointment with the doctor.

Girl, 5, Died of Asthma Attack after Doctor 'Turned Mum Away For Being Late'

Girl, 5, Died of Asthma Attack after Doctor ‘Turned Mum Away For Being Late’

According to Shanice, the little kid fell ill at school after which Shanice called the clinic to fix an emergency appointment after Ellie May was found unable to walk home and was wheezing.

Shanice said that she was merely five minutes late to the Ellie-May’s 5 pm appointment and then she had to wait in line for speaking to the receptionist. An inquest heard that Shanice approached the reception desk of The Grange Clinic in Newport. South wales between 5.10 pm and 5.18 pm.

GP Dr. Joanne Rowe told Shanice and Ellie to return the next day as per “10 minute rule” for lateness. The little kid was all tears and asked her mum that why won’t the doctor see her. The inquest was told that Shanice put Ellie-May to bed that night checking her every ten to fifteen minutes.
At around 10.30 that night Shanice found her angel turn blue and flailing on the floor before she dialed 999.Shance reported that she tried to give pump to the kid but she wound not let her do so.The little girl then fell off her bed onto the floor and her mother saw her hands and face turn blue.

Ellie-May was rushed to the hospital on January 25 2015. She did not survive and died before her mother arrived. Her cause of death is said to be bronchial asthma.Shancie told the hearing that she had informed the

doctors that they may be late for surgery as she had to arrange last minute childcare and then catch a bus.

Dr Rowe, refused to see Ellie-May and told them to come back next morning for surgery despite the fact that she did not have any patients between 4.50 pm to 5.20 p.m. Dr. Rowe told the hearing that the receptionist Ann Jones called her to tell that Ellie-May has arrived but the GP had already called in her next patient.

The jury also heard that in March 2014 Dr. Rowe had received a letter from a consultant that Ellie-May was at a risk of life threatening asthma but she did not write this detail on the youngster’s file.

Dr. Rowe, who had been a GP for 22 years, did not open the kid’s medical notes before turning her away on the day of her death. Mrs. Jones said it was the first time she had every turned some one away in four years in surgery.
The inquest also heard that Mrs. Jones noticed that Ellie-May did not attend the appointment, but the receptionist then told that the youngster was only late.

The hearing continues…

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