Four-year-old Girl Iqra, Assaulted & Killed, Went Missing after Buying ‘Mehndi’ in Pakistan

Four years old girl Iqra found murdered in fields, she was abused before murder. The tragic incident took place in district Mardan of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province.

Reportedly, the child was missing for two days, after she took 10 rupees from her mother to buy mehndi, her dead body was recovered from a sugarcane field by local residents.

The residents informed that Iqra went out of home after taking ten rupees to purchase “Mehndi” but never returned home. Her family kept on searching to no avail.

Her family members and relatives announced on load speakers of local mosques about missing child and also filed a missing child report in local police station.

Girls father who lives in Saudi Arabia, after head tortured dead body was found, her grand father reported murder case in police station. Initial legal action was taken and 15 suspects had been arrested who are being investigating.

Police after recovering Iqra’s body conducted postmortem after which a full pledge investigation has been initiated and JIT has been established under the supervision of DPO Mardan Sajjad Khan.

The cases of similar nature are increasing in Pakistan and special measures and facilitation are required to deal with such cases.

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