FIA arrests 8 Chinese for Trapping Girls Into Marriage, Later Sell their Organs in China

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Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Monday has arrested eight Chinese men for forcing Pakistani girls into indecent activities in Lahore.

According to details, the agency conducted raids across the Punjab and detained the suspects for forcing the girls into illicit things, after tying knots with them.

Police personnel had confiscated travel documents of a Chinese man in Mandi Bahauddin and launched inquiry for tricking the Pakistani woman.

DPO Nasir Sial said that the team is investigating the matter under legal aspects.

These Chinese nationals have ulterior motives behind marrying the Pakistani girls as they take them to China after marriage and force them into illicit things and many gangs sold their organs as well.

The Chinese gang was revealed recently in private show of TV Channel in Pakistan. These Chinese men were revealed to trap Pakistani girls by promising them monthly Rs 40,000 besides mobile phone and Chinese visas.

One of the victim girls told her painful story, who was rescued at Islamabad Airport as the Chinese man attempted to take her to China.

During investigation, it was revealed that dozens of Chinese nationals come to Pakistan for marriages with Pakistani girls. They obtain fake Muslims certificates and changed their names to Muslim names.

Gang is working with Pakistani Mafia under marriage bureaus, which is active in cities of Punjab, having posters of marriage proposals of Chinese men.

These agents trap the poor innocent parents of girls to marry their daughters to Chines men, promising them bright future.

Mafia members trick parents by offering 2 Lack rupees for unmarried girls and 1 Lack rupees to divorce or widow girls as marriage expenses from Chines grooms.

They offer them, one of bride’s family member (brother or father) will be taken and settled to China after their girl gets Chines visa.

Mafia further trick parents of Pakistani girls, that Chines Rich men are now coming to Pakistan due to CPEC for business purpose and they are interested in Pakistani girls because they want a Pakistani Nationality.

The marriage ceremony is done in a private property owned by Chines gang and Pakistani Mafia where bride is kept with ‘fake’ Chines groom for few days before taken to China. Where she is forced for ‘illicit’ activities and even their organs are sold as well.

Girls aged as young as 13 years old were recovered from the gang.

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