Female Prison Officer, 24, had Romantic Relationship with an Inmate, Fell Pregnant with his Child

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Toronto jail guard Sukhpreet Singh, 24, suspended from her job as a corrections officer at Toronto South Detention Centre because of the relationship into which she’d entered with an inmate.

Now, Singh, who’s eight-to-10 weeks pregnant with her co-accused’s child, has been granted bail by Justice Maureen Forestell with her mom, Amarjit Kaur, and sister, Jaspreet Singh, 20, acting as her sureties. She was released on an $11,000 surety, posted by her mother and younger sister.

Singh is 24 years old, has no criminal record and, until last summer, appears to have led an exemplary life, if maybe not particularly attentive to a toddler daughter after separating from her husband in 2018, leaving the little girl mostly in the care of parents and in-laws.

Now she stands accused on two counts of robbery, acting as her 32-year-old boyfriend Tatum Ogden’s getaway driver during robberies — using her mom’s Jeep Wrangler — in an armed holdup at a Brampton Subway shop and a violent heist at a Huntsville motel, both this past March.

Her bail conditions prohibit Singh from contacting her boyfriend and co-accused robber, Ogden, unless preparing for their defence with counsel.

Ogden, 32, is charged with a dozen robberies — including a break-in at Singh’s father’s Tandoori restaurant in Brampton — where he allegedly snatched $100 while an unidentified blond kept watch.

There’s also the allegation heard at Singh’s bail hearing in March that Singh was the blond woman in the vehicle during the break-and-enter of her father’s Tandoori restaurant in Brampton.

Singh was in the Jeep when a suspect that Peel police were trying to arrest smashed into cop cruisers that had boxed the Jeep in and managed to escape.

In an earlier occasion, last November, when police spotted the black Wrangler in connection with an LCBO theft, and after they approached the man standing next to the Jeep, Singh flashed her Toronto South badge, telling officers the man was with her, she was a corrections officer, and everything was fine, nothing to concern themselves with here. The man had identified himself as “Andrew Tynes,” which police later determined to be false.

In all those incidents, police believe the male suspect was Tatum Ogden, Singh’s boyfriend, aforementioned Toronto South inmate. Ogden, 32, has since been arrested on a dozen charges for armed robberies across the GTA and remains in custody in Huntsville. He has a lengthy record and five firearms prohibitions.

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