Father who Abused his Own Daughters is Arrested in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Rawalpindi police arrested a culprit who abused his own real daughter, incident happened in Dhook Choudrian village of Airport area. SP Pothwar Division, Syed Ali took notice of the incident and ordered investigation in the case.

In a similar incident in Rawalpindi, a man was arrested in January this year after his daughter accused him of assault and impregnated her.

16-year-old girl alleged that her father had been abusing her over the past year, she finally approach the police after learning that she has become pregnant by her father.

According to reports, the family had moved to Rawalpindi from Peshawar, in Girja road area where the man works at a nearby brick kiln. Teenage victim girl is the second eldest child among three sisters and three brothers.

Victim’s mother fled to Peshawar to get rid of her husband’s alleged cruelty and torture. When the mother left home, the father allegedly beat up the girl’s elder brother, who to fled home and join his mother.

Victim girl was left at home to take care of her siblings, all of whom are younger than her, it was then her own father starting beating, assaulting and abusing her.

Medical examination of the girl confirmed that girl is indeed pregnant, after which police arrested the culprit. True facts will emerge only after results from the DNA examination are released and it is ascertained whether it was the girl’s father who impregnated her or someone else,” said the police officer.

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