Father, Abdul Khaliq, Who Left his Sons for earning Haraam and Unfair Livelihood

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The elderly man, named Abdul Khaliq Hashmi, said that he did a government job in Finance Department for 33 years, adding that he raised his children with legitimate earning.

He said that he got his children educated and then helped them in a job but now they are earning through unlawful means.

The man added that they made property worth Rs5 crore, own bungalows and cars along with enough bank balance.

However, despite having everything, they lack a father now.

“Their father is dead for them. They neither give me money for medicine nor for food,” he said.

The dejected father said, “May be this is life. I have been in this hospital for two months but none of my sons came to meet me.”

He recalled how his sons said that their father will come to them crying but the father vowed to never go to them.

He said that he will only go to Allah now. “You earn through unfair means, I will never come to you,” he said to his children.

Hashmi said that currently his friend is bearing his expenses.

The elderly man requested the government to help him.

video link https://web.facebook.com/watch/?v=334803920527940

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