Faryal Revealed why She and Amir Khan Spent £75,000 at their Daughter’s Birthday

Faryal revealed why she and Amir have spent so much on their daughter’s birthday, despite her being too young to remember it.

Amir and I are moving to London in six to ten months, we’re just finalising on our new home, we are moving to London as the education is better for kids, it’s a bigger city and it’ll be similar to New York.

“Amir’s boxing related stuff is mostly based there and the commute right now is a killer so it’ll be nice.”

On other side, Amir Khan’s parents today slammed their granddaughter’s ‘ridiculous’ £75,000 rainforest-themed birthday party, Amir’s dad, Shah Khan said, party seems a bit excessive to me, the money could have been better used instead of a lavish party.

Amir’s father Shah blasted the ‘excessive’ party the couple held for their youngest daughter Alayna’s first birthday and said they weren’t invited not even Amir’s siblings.

Boxer’s dad, Shah Khan told, ‘We were not invited to the party. Amir’s siblings and his parents were not there, which is very upsetting. But it didn’t bother him or his wife.

Shah Khan said, ‘We knew the party was happening and we are very disappointed at not being invited. This is just part of the campaign by Amir’s wife to separate him from his parents and siblings and to control his life.

He said, ‘Everything will blow up again in their marriage like in past, it’s just a matter of time.’