Farida Ashraf, 41, Sentenced for Staging a ‘Fall’ in Supermarket to Claim £3,000 in Bradford

Farida Ashraf, 41, of Staincliffe Crescent, Dewsbury, ‘staged accident’ in Bradford supermarket, “fall” over a pack of orange juice which had been deliberately put on the floor to get £3,000 injury claim.

Incident back in February 2013, when Farida Ashraf along with two other women staged a staged accident for compensation fraud.

Farida Ashraf had claimed to have suffered injuries to her shoulder, shin, calf and hip. She did not contact solicitors about her injury claim for eight or nine months thinking the CCTV footage will be erased in that time.

But supermarket staff had kept the footage, CCTV recording of Ashraf “tripping” over the package of juice cartons before walking out of the store unaided.

Another woman along with Farida Ashraf was also seen taking a photograph of the pack of orange juice on the floor shortly before the defendant’s alleged fall.

The incident led to a legal wrangle lasting six years and costing tens of thousands of pounds. After an extensive inquiry by insurance company, civil court judge ruled in December 2016 that her claim was “fundamentally dishonest”.

The court heard that Ashraf’s bogus claim had led to staff at the store having the finger pointed at them and she even tried to blame her respected solicitors for instigating the claim without her permission.

Farida Ashraf admitted the fraud charge she was sentenced for 21 month in jail suspended suspended for two years.