Eye Surgeon, Qureshi, 49, Conned Elderly Patients into Unnecessary Eye Implants, Charging £25K Each

Celebrity eye surgeon, Bobby Qureshi, 49, of London, used ‘pressure-selling’ tactics to get patients to have replacement lenses, is now been struck off for misleading patients on the effectiveness of treatment charging up to £25,000 a time.

The Harley Street doctor performed the surgery on actress June Brown, who plays Dot Cotton in EastEnders, who said she had been saved from blindness. He founded The London Eye Hospital and where he based his private practice, is in administration.

A Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service hearing in Manchester Qureshi sustained dishonest plan’ in a bid to gain ‘substantial financial reward’, pressuring patients into paying for the expensive surgery, charging up to £25,000 a time.

24 patients came forward after either being treated by Qureshi or paying for a consultation with him.

When a patient told him, she still could not read after surgery, he insisted her vision had improved, saying ‘I’m a world famous ophthalmologist –are you trying to say you know more than me?’

Mr Qureshi abused his position and his patients’ trust in him and in the profession. Use of ‘pressure-selling techniques’ amounted to serious misconduct. His actions were financially motivated and he put his own interests before those of his patients by placing those patients at risk of harm.

Qureshi was found to have falsely claimed the lenses could also help those with wet AMD which causes slow deterioration of the cells at the back of the eye – a less common but more severe and rapidly advancing form.

He was Banned from working as a doctor.