Evil Mum, 27, buys last chocolate bar for Daughter and Son, Strangled them to death

An ‘evil’ mother buys a last chocolate bar for her two young children at a filling station shortly before killing them, says Russian law enforcement.

Evil Mum buys chocolate bar for Daughter and Son Before Strangling them to death

Evil Mum buys chocolate bar for Daughter and Son Before Strangling them to death

Divorcee Elena Karimova, 27, also bought lighter fuel which she used to incinerate bodies of her daughter, four years old Khadizha, and 2 years old son Suleiman, who she strangled in the back seat of her rented Kia Rio.

In a video it can be seen she goes to her hired car — inside which are her two children — to fill up with fuel before returning to collect the items which she is seen carrying as she gets back into her car.

After an hour she parked the car and strangled her children, it is alleged. Then she took the bodies into woodland. About and hour later she went home for the night with the bodies in the car, next day on 26 April, she brought the bodies to an abandoned warehouse near the city and set fire to the building.

Local people noticed her car at the scene

and police interrogated her leading to her full confession, say detectives.

‘I couldn’t provide for my children,’ she told officers, blaming money problems for her actions.

But later she retracted her admission that she had murdered her children.

In her original court appearance she had acknowledged that she killed them saying: ‘I’m very sorry for what happened. I do not even know how I could go about this.’

She added: ‘I lived with my husband, and then we divorced and it became difficult to raise children.’

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