Domino’s Labels Customer’s Pizzas ‘Lady with Muslim Husband’

A lady is enraged after a fast-food chain has written a racist message on her pizza box. Miss Amber Nasim became extremely upset after the staff from one of Domino’s Pizza has described her inappropriately on her order label. She says that she will never order pizza from there again.

Domino's Labels Customer's Pizzas 'Lady with Muslim Husband'

Domino’s Labels Customer’s Pizzas ‘Lady with Muslim Husband’

The lady was in for dining at a branch of the restaurant in Texas with her husband Wajahat. They ordered three pizzas for their family. But each of the boxes had a label which read “Lady with Muslim Husband”.

Ms. Amber explained that when they handed her the pizza, they turned it around backwards to hide what they had done. She said that they knew what they had done, because it was visible in their expression. Amber admitted that she kicked off after seeing the label and also shouts at the staff.

She took the issue to social media to express her anger and disgust. She wrote that

this kind of racism should be stopped and that she wants people to realize that this kind of behavior is not OK.

A spokesman for Domino’s said that it is their fault, because they did not provide her the service and respect she deserved.

He further admitted that they should have asked her name and number to identify her order. He told that the lady made a special request on behalf of her customer for a clean cut pizza due religious considerations. The employee should not have used this to identify her or her order.

He said that they welcome any opportunity to speak to her and offer her apologies.

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