Doctor Sikander Imran, 33, Gets 3 years in jail, Spiked Girlfriend’s Tea with Abortion Pills, Facing Deportation

The 33-year-old former physician who hails from Pakistan was arrested in May last year and had pleaded guilty to fetal homicide.

Dr. Sikander Imran who spiked his girlfriend’s drink with medication to induce an abortion has been sentenced to three years in prison.

Sikander Imran was arrested last year and pleaded guilty earlier this year to fetal homicide in Arlington County, Virginia.

Imran and Brooke Fiske who met in New York had been in an on-and-off relationship for three years, Fiske and was 17 weeks pregnant when she went to visit him to discuss raising the child.

Imran admitted slipping an abortion pill into her tea. She had a miscarriage within hours. Ms Fiske revealed that Imran didn’t want to have a baby and insisted on her to have an abortion.

When Ms Fiske didn’t agree, he spiked her tea with 800 milligrams of the pill Misoprostol which trigged a premature labour and caused her to miscarry.

Imran’s attorney argued that the man was mentally unstable. Fiske asked the judge to grant leniency to Imran at Friday’s sentencing hearing.

Imran received sentenced Imran to three years in prison with 17 years suspended. He has lost his medical license and faces deportation to Pakistan after he serves his sentence.

Mr Imran was initially sentenced to twenty years in jail but his sentence was reduced to only three years after his ex-girlfriend Brook Fiske appealed to the court for a lenient sentence.