Danyaal Mahmud, 23, says, “I’m getting death threats” for dousing Tommy Robinson with milkshake

Danyaal Mahmud, 23, who threw a milkshake over Tommy Robinson after he says he was taunted by the EDL founder’s entourage claims he is getting death threats.

Danyaal Mahmud threw milkshake glass over Tommy Robinson after an altercation between them in Warrington.

Danyaal Mahmud, 23, who works as customer services adviser told, ‘I’m a low-key person, I didn’t anticipate this publicity and I don’t want it – I’m getting death threats on social media and I am worried about me and my family being targeted.’

The encounter took place as the far-right extremist was campaigning in Warrington, Cheshire, and left his blue striped suit covered in the sticky McDonald’s drink.

Mr Mahmud was in town to meet with an occupational health therapist when 36-year-old Robinson arrived from his van Mr Mahmud said he was immediately accosted.

He asked me if I thought he was racist and I said: “Yeah.” Then he says: “Do you know 80% of grooming gangs are Muslim?” I go to him, “That’s a false statistic, what about white paedophiles? Why are they not called Christian grooming gangs?” – then he goes off on one.’

Mr Mahmud told The Observer despite bruises and cuts on his back and a minor head injury, he would be willing to ‘shake on it,’ with Robinson and ‘bury the hatchet.’