Dad of 4, Shot in Christchurch Terror Attack with Daughter, wants shooter to be hanged

Wasseim Alsati father-of-four has shared heartbreaking photographs of his five-year-old in her hospital bed after she was left brain damaged in the Christchurch terror attack.

He was approaching the Al Noor mosque with his youngest daughter Alen, five, when the gunman walked out and shot them both on March 15.

Mr Alsati was discharged from hospital over the weekend, but Alen is still recovering from brain injuries in Starship Children’s Hospital in Auckland.

Despite undergoing numerous surgeries, doctors are still unsure of the extent of Alen’s brain injuries.

Recalling the day of the terror attack that claimed 50 lives, Mr Alsati says he at first, thought the gunman was a soldier – but realised that wasn’t the case when he pointed a gun at his young daughter’s head.

‘We were about 35 metres away from the mosque walking, hand in hand, beside each other,’ he said.

He looked at my daughter, he launched his weapon and within a few seconds, I grabbed my daughter, by the time I grab her, I hold the front of her T-shirt and by the time I pull her up, he shot her. And then I got a shot in my tummy. And then I got two shots in my bum.’

‘We are still recovering, people are still in hospital. But we all decide privately that we are going to ask the government for the death penalty,’

He said that he and others affected by the massacre are planning to petition the New Zealand government to change the law because there is no death penalty in New Zealand.