Couple who Assaulted Women and Film the Acts for Blackmailing Arrested in Lahore

Police arrested here on Saturday a couple involved in allegedly assaulting and blackmailing women for money. During investigation, the suspects confessed to police that they assaulted many women and filmed their ordeal for blackmailing.

The wife would lure poor women and film video while the husband assault them, police said. Police said that the couple used to blackmail women on the basis of the videos to take money from them.

The arrested suspects were identified as Salamat Ali and his wife Razia Sultana. According to details, Razia would lure women through different means to her house and her husband would assault them while she would make the videos.

Afterwards, they would blackmail them on the pretext that they would make these videos viral. The case was highlighted after a complainant, a resident of Mohlanwal, told police that Razia is her neighbour and she was on good terms with her from last 6 months.

“A few days ago, Razia lured me to her house where her husband assaulted me while Razia filmed it,” she told police.

The suspects later started blackmailing and demanding money on pretext of making videos viral on refusal, they demanded 10 thousand rupees, she added.

An FIR was registered against the couple and the case was referred to Anti-Gender Based Violence Cell Cantonment Division. The cell investigated the case and arrested the suspects.

The law enforcers also seized some indecent videos from the suspects. The officials said a case had been registered against the couple and they were investigating whether the videos were used for any other purposes.