Couple Jailed after Being Caught Kissing in Their Car in Lahore

A young couple was arrested for allegedly kissing in a car in Lahore, Faheem Abbasi, a 33-year-old Pakistani, and her 24-year-old Sharmeela girlfriend were sentenced on Wednesday by a judge at the Lahore High court after onvicted of public indecency, intoxication and insulting a public official.

The couple were initially stopped by police for kissing, but an argument with officials soon led to more charges

A couple have been sentenced to several months in prison in Lahore after they were caught kissing in their car.

According to their lawyer, Waseem Sheikh, the couple were driving last Friday when they pulled over in Anarkali bazaar to discuss the route. After two minutes, a police car arrived, and asked the couple for their IDs,” the lawyer said in a statement posted on Facebook.

The woman handed over her ID from her handbag, but boyfriend, who does not speak any English, went to get his passport from his suitcase, which was in the boot of the car. Later he argued police officer and was arrested.

It is pertinent to note that young couples visiting parks and shopping centres in the Lahore are often harassed, blackmailed and extorted by police officials. Several officials in the past have been booked for harassing and extorting young couples in public places.

As per Section 294 of The Pakistan Penal Code, PPC, engaging in obscene acts, or singing, reciting, or uttering obscene songs, ballads or words, in or near any public place, to the annoyance of other, is an an offence punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three (03) months, or with fine or both.