Chaudry Azeem and Chaudry Sadeem from Kotli Died in Traffic Accident in UK

Two Men hailing from Kotli district died in a road accident in UK. Both men died as the result of collision.

Chaudry Azeem and Chaudry Sadeem from Kotli Died in Traffic Accident in UK
Chaudry Azeem and Chaudry Sadeem from Kotli Died in Traffic Accident in UK

Both men named Chaudry Azeem and Chaudry Sadeem were close relatives and belonged to Kaladab area of Kotli.

Their dead bodies are brought to Pakistan for burial in their native home town in Palalhal Kalan Area of Kaladab, where thousands of people attended their final prayer.

In another development, the family of a taxi driver who was killed in the horrific M606 crash has said that justice “was not served”.

The life of 28-year-old Sohail Ali was cruelly cut short when the cab he was driving was hit head-on by a stolen Ford Transit van being driven by Jack Simpson. He was only 15 at the time and on the wrong side of the motorway.

Simpson pleaded guilty to three charges of causing death by dangerous driving and one charge of dangerous driving on the same date.

He was sentenced to six years’ detention and will serve half that period, less his time on remand, then

will be released on licence.

It means he will be approaching the age of 19 when he is freed. The sentence has prompted dismay and anger from the victims’ families as well as the wider public.

In a statement to the T&A, Mr Ali’s family said they had been left shocked. They said they had struggled to find closure, particularly as they had to wait to get his personal items back from police and were given trainers belonging to someone else. 

“We and many, many other people believe justice was not served and this gentleman will be free to live his life freely after three years in prison,” said Mr Ali’s family.

“This is a person who took three innocent lives and affected countless others by his reckless actions.”

They said Simpson “totally understood what he was doing at the time” and added: “He has been treated as a minor and given a sentence shorter than some people receive for smaller charges such as assault.

“No consideration was given to the impact the losses have had on the families of all three that were killed that day by Simpson.”

They slammed it as “a true miscarriage of justice.”