Story of Shahid, 27, whose Wife Used him for UK Visa, Kept her Pakistani Lover


British Pakistani man found a young attractive woman in his relatives, found out she was not married and had just finished her studies.

He went to meet the family formally and to see her for marriage. They chatted for some time and got on. Both were happy to proceed and the marriage was confirmed.

A month later, he after marriage, he sponsored her to UK. Se was treated extremely well and was welcomed into the family open-armed.

After about 11 months, he noticed that she is online frequently and used social media a lot, especially, while he was at work.

He said he wanted to see her phone. He barged in and grabbed the phone from her. She tried to stop him but could not.

He was shocked, she was talking to an ex-lover back home. So this arranged marriage ended in divorce.

Story of Bride, whose Lavish Arrange Marriage Cost over £90K, Ended in Selling her “V”


Sonia was born and brought in a good family had BSc degree qualification in Biometrics, had an arranged marriage organised by her parents and family.

Their engagement was arranged for a month later which was the first time they met. She was very attracted to him as soon as she met him and he liked her immensely.

During conversations, she learnt about a severe alcohol problem Aamir had. But he promised to quit after their marriage. She believed him.

A lot of money was spent on lavish wedding, they got married and on their wedding night on a nicely decorated bed, he was withdrawn and drunk.

Sonia discovered he had been betting huge sums of money after getting drunk. He had lost over Rs. 50 lakh. Aamir then told her he was going to bet her away as a virgin wife to get some of his money back. This completely shocked and astounded her that he could think of such a thing and Ended marriage.