Campaign to fly Sadiq Khan baby blimp in London raises £50,000

They are crowdfunding for their own humiliating balloon portraying the London mayor – and have smashed their target. More than £50,000 has been raised by the online fundraiser in just a week.

It is unclear if a Khan baby balloon will fly over London, or if it will receive permission from the Greater London Authority, which approved Trump baby. Mr Khan refused to block the blimp’s approval – claiming that doing so would infringe free speech rights.

A celebratory message posted on the fundraiser read: ‘A truly MONUMENTAL effort by everyone who has supported, shared and donated! We’ve completely blown the organisers of the ‘baby Trump’ balloon off the park.

‘Unlike the Baby Trump team who plan to take their inflatable on ‘tour’, i.e using the money they raised to have a few holidays, fund luxury hotels and probably fly first class, we are putting ALL of the money into hosting a demo in Whitehall, called “Make London Safe Again” due to be held in August, where Baby Khan will flown into the London sky!

‘There will be mini ‘baby Khan’ balloons for supporters on the day (not from moonpig!) and we’re even working on a plane with an 80ft banner to take to the skies in our protest!

‘This is about putting as much pressure as possible on Khan and showing him that we don’t want him as our Mayor any longer!

‘We’ll be using this event to raise awareness of the soaring crime in London under Khan and be supporting as many victims of crime in London as possible.

‘Remember, the more money we

raise the BIGGER the demonstration and more chance we have of removing Sadiq and can begin to Make London Safe Again.’

Earlier, the mayor revealed why he had allowed the protest in an interview on BBC Radio Four’s Today Programme.

He said: ‘I shouldn’t be the arbiter, as a politician, of what’s in good taste or bad taste, what’s important is it to be peaceful, and for it to be safe.

‘And, frankly speaking, the idea that we limit the rights to protest, we limit the rights to free speech because it may cause offence to a foreign leader is a very, very slippery slope.’

Mr Khan added: ‘The UK, like in fact the US, has a long and rich history of the rights and the freedoms to protest, the freedom of speech, the freedom to assemble. ‘Can you imagine if we limited freedom of speech because somebody’s feelings might be hurt?’

Source: Metro

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