British Pakistani Brothers Killed Sister for Honour in Jhelum

Sana Javaid resident of Jehlum, who married her lover in Court was shot dead by her brother in Jehlum, Pakistan. After killing her both brothers tried escaped to UK from Islamabad Airport but got arrested.

Yasmeen Farzana Mother of deceased Sana Javaid told media she had married Muhammad Javaid and had 3 sons and a daughter Sana Javaid from this marriage.

She told, It was her first marriage and but second marriage of Muhammad Javaid who was already married and had 3 sons named Aijaz, Faraz, Sultan.

She added, after death of her husband Muhammad Javaid she married again with a man, because of this marriage her step sons were not happy, this marriage lasted for few months and ended in divorce.

She told, her daughter Sana Javaid, 24, married a man named Shehzad Ahmad of her choice in court. But her step sons opposed this marriage as well.

Last day she was in a Bazzar along with her daughter Sana

Javaid when her step sons Chaudhary Aijaz, Faraz, Sultan and their cousin Shahzad arrived in their vehicle and opened fire on Sana Javaid and shot her dead and escaped from scene.

Police arrested Hizar and Sultan while 2 other men who are British nationals named Aijaz and Faraz tried to escape to UK but were arrested from Islamabad airport.

Police launched FIR and has started investigation of the case.

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