Boxer Amir Khan’s Huge Fan Uncle Saff’s Reputation Lies in the Gutter After Fraud

Tycoon Mohammad Safdar Gohir was held in Las Vegas for one of the biggest tax fraud cases in Europe.

Boxer Amir Khan's Huge Fan Uncle Saff's Reputation Lies in the Gutter After Fraud
Boxer Amir Khan’s Huge Fan Uncle Saff’s Reputation Lies in the Gutter After Fraud

In May 2014, a British businessman was arrested by the US secret service in connection with an alleged £700 million tax fraud.

Mohammad Safdar Gohir was taken into custody in Vegas shortly after cheering on boxer Amir Khan to victory. He was probed for allegedly being part of one of the biggest tax frauds in Europe’s history.

After flying to the US he had a ringside seat as British hero Khan beat Luis Collazo at the MGM Grand in Vegas.

Gohir tweeted pictures of himself at the arena, posting: “Great night of boxing! Was blessed to be a part of it tonight as a fan.”

His family home is in Huddersfield, West Yorks, but a source said he has been living in Dubai, from where he had flown to Vegas.

Khan’s management team said they were “aware” of

the arrest. Gohir has a string of companies in the UK, and is registered as a director with firms specialising in electrical parts and car hire.

Convicted fraudster Gohir was also behind the Asif Ditta case- he was unmasked as the real mastermind behind proceedings, which were described in court as nothing more than a “rather heavy-handed business tactic” aimed at recouping cash he believed to be owed.

Gohir – known as ‘Uncle Saff – is facing a huge legal bill which a Teesside law firm estimates could approach £1m.

A court heard Gohir had attempted to “pull the wool over the court’s eyes” by using his cousin as a “proxy prosecutor”.

“Safdar Gohir is an extremely wealthy man who tried to use his wealth to manipulate the court system,” added Mr Ditta.

“He will now be responsible for all legal costs, time and money wasted during the case.”

Pictured in the past hobnobbing with the likes of ex-Prime Minister David Cameron and the boxer Amir Khan, Gohir’s reputation now lies in the gutter after he was jailed.